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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> hello. i'm judge jeanine. the governor declares a state of emergency and a curfew in ferguson. this amid more violence and looting last night over the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. mike tobin is in ferguson with the latest. good evening, mike. what's the mood on the street so far tonight? >> well, judge, the people out here are certainly not discouraged. they're lining parts of ferguson avenue here. if i can get you to pull off into the other direction here, i want to show you another march
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that's coming up the street as we speak with hundreds of people in it. be careful of this car coming by. as we talk to the people, i want to let you know that rod johnson is down there in their ranks, working this crowd like a politician. but not everyone down there is so happy to see them. a lot of people are considering him a sellout and they're telling him in very harsh language, judge. >> and what about the curfew? i mean, you say there are a lot of people out there. the curfew is in just a few hours. what happens if someone is out, will they be arrested? is. >> well, you know, ken johnson told me after i pressed him, they want to get through this without any arrests, but if there are people who are going to defy it, ultimately they will be arrested. some people are intent on defying it. i talked with some demonstrators who say they're going to stay out until 12:15 just to be that way. if you look off to the side of ferguson avenue here, you can see some of the people hanging around the cars. i had conversations with them.
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and they gave me quotes like, it's fixing to go off tonight. so you talk about the people who are looking to have a little trouble, they're in these ranks somewhere, judge. >> well, you know, what's interesting is that it seems that thursday night, there was quiet, last night there were problems, and is that because it's a weekend? that now saturday night they expect even more problems? >> reporter: well, it's tough to say. last night got pretty boozy as it was a weekend. here's this demonstration coming up the street. there was a lot of liquor that got thrown into the mix last night. and the police showed up. there was friction with the police last night. it really seemed to spark when the police showed up they said to get a couple of their guys free. a handful of their guys who got trapped in a parking lot out of that parking lot. but then the looting happened and the police decided they didn't want to conflict so they stayed back up. that's why they're getting criticized now for not being present enough. not showing enough force during the course. >> and store owners
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understandably concerned because they're losing a lot of their own inventory. and if the police aren't responding buz they don't want to anger the crowd, it's a catch-22 for the police, is it snot. >> it really is. the police are getting it from both sides. the store coners, sam's meat market, the staff of sam's neat market show the ed up with thei weapons last night. they showed up ultimately with their own weapons around the store and they kept people from coming inside. >> mike, do you have any idea if some of those people who are looting the stores are even from ferguson? a lot of them are not from ferguson, and that's what we hear from a lot of the people out here. frustration with the idea that so many people are out here just to get their point heard and other people are out here to capitalize on the situation and
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take advantage of it, have a hoot on a night. or, you know, try to get a couple of things while looting. it's a small section of the population. >> all right, it sounds pretty loud out there with the curfew coming up in just a few hours. mike tobin, thanks so much. we're going to check back with you a little later in the show. >> all right. all right, with me now, milwaukee county sheriff and our friend david clark. good evening, sheriff. a lot of controversy. let's start with the issue of the militarized weaponry and local police departments. what is your reaction to this? >> well, that's a question that's been raised across the country cently. i think we need to have that discussion because the public needs to be involved in the direction policing is going in america. we derive our authority from the consent of the government. >> there's no question about that, but, you know, i was in law enforcement for 30 years. there were times when my guys would go out and the gang members had, you know, higher
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weapon power than my own guys did. at some point you've got to at least equal what's out there. but set aside that discussion, do you believe that the tear gas and the riot gear and all that other stuff was needed in ferguson? >> oh, i think so. because job one includes tonight, you have to restore order. you have to restore calm in ferguson. and so the police are going to have to use some tactics that might be unpalatable to people. it looks ugly on tv. but if they don't restore order in ferguson, this thing is going to get further out of control. >> let me ask you a question. you've got a city of 21,000 people ferguson, or a town, whatever it is. and you've got a police department of 50 plifrs, three of them are african-americans. is that not a recipe in a city that's mostly black, three cops out of 53 are african-american? >> nothing first of all justifies the use of rioting and looting.
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the groups down there, the residents of ferguson are going to have to find more reasonable means to deal with their anger and frustration. i find it highly problematic that they didn't keep up with the demographics. the city is 75% black. obviously the political structure didn't shift as well to allow people to feel that they have some say in the policies that are dwobed and going to be implemented on them. so when people feel left out of the process, anger and resentment builds up and then a flash point, like a police shooting, especially unfortunately if it occurs on a white officer on a black kid, that serves as the flash point. but again, nothing justifies the use of rioting and looting to deal with that anger and frustration. >> you know, there is talk, sheriff, that the police were not even aring some of the
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looters for fear -- and we just spoke to mike tobin about this -- for fear that would fire up the community even more. now you have the shopkeepers having their friends come in with weapons to protect their inventory and their stores. there's another recipe for disaster. >> sure. these are very delicate situations, but the police can't be afraid to do certain things to maintain order. you don't want to use -- go overboard. you don't want to overreact, but at the same time, i've never seen where not making arrests allow itself or allowed the situation, allowed you to maintain control of the situation. it might sound like monday morning quarterbacks, but you have to take a stand, you have to make it clear that the rule of law and order will prevail, and that means making arrest people -- they are not here to peacefully demonstrate. we encourage peacefully assemblies but some people are down there to exploit the situation, to stoke up racial animosity and to engage in
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criminal behavior. looting and rioting is criminal behavior. >> when you talk about stoking the situation? might you be talking about al sharpton, whose interest it is to exploit and stoke the situation so that he becomes a spokesperson. >> there's no doubt about that. al sharpton is a divisive individual. he stokes racial animosity. i was made aware yesterday that the new black panther party converged on ferguson. those groups aren't need there had, but they did come. they're not there to make peace and they're not there to call for calm and try to help with the situation. they're there to agitate. they're there to stoke up the racial animosity. and that's not good for the situation at all. >> sheriff david clark, always good to see you. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. with me now from ferguson, former homicide detective rod wheeler. good evening, rod. you've been in ferguson since last night. you spent the day talking to people of ferguson, including
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the relatives of michael brown, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed. what are ywhat are they telling you? >> let me just share one thing as i speak. i'm actually at the police command center. i watched about 50 to 60 high-powered police vehicles pull in. you maybe can see them pulled over my shoulder here, including several new s.w.a.t. units. why is that significant, judge? last night, you probably heard me say this earlier today. i was out here, i was right in the middle of everything. i didn't see a police car anywhere in the area. and it wasn't until about 1:30 a.m. after the bottles were being thrown and the rocks were being thrown that i finally saw the police cars after that time last night. that's when the rioting was going on. the good news is today, all day today i've been down here and there were a number of protests. there was a number of demonstrations, but everything today was very peaceful.
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there was no trouble today at all. and that's what i had the opportunity, judge, to speak to some of mike brown's family and friends and a lot of people around his age and everybody was very cordial. jesse jackson was here. and there was no trouble at all today, judge. >> and what is the family saying to you? what do they want? >> that's a good question. there's two things, judge, that i want to tell you that these people have told me over and over. rod, this is what we want. number one, they want the police chief in this city to go. that's a given. they think he's been lying to them. they think he's the one behind all of the problem that they're having in here ferguson. and the second thing they want, judge, they want justice for michael brown. they want this police officer, and they honestly feel this way, judge, that this police officer committed a murder in cold bold on canfield street, which was about two blocks up. they want that officer indicted and charged with murder of the first degree. >> as you and i both know so
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well, rod, i mean, there's a lot of steps before that. we don't know if michael brown was shot in the front or in the back. i mean, we know he was unarmed. we need to 2340e, you know, was his hands up, was he facing the police officer? was he shot in the back? we need to know if a round went off in that vehicle and if there was a struggle in the vehicle. you know, which guy was it? was it michael brown or was it the other guy? i mean, there's a lot we don't know right now. and if there is, you know, a determination on the part of the family and it doesn't go their way, what do you think is going to happen there? >> well, i think people are going to continue to be upset. but let me just say this one other thing, judge. you'll find this very interesting from our backgrounds. there was 40 fbi agents in ferguson this morning when i was over on canfield street. i saw them, i talked to them. they were knocking on doors. they said to me, we're over here investigating, we want to get to the bottom of this. so i think, judge, that is maybe
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a ray of light in the future. i know that they're out there, the fbi agents, the department of justice. i think we're going to see something happen this week positive. that hopefully, judge, will bring this matter to a close. >> you know, first of all, the fbi and justice cannot bring it to a close. it's only the local police -- the local da, who i understand is a former president of the national da's association who will handle that case. the feds can't take that away from him. they're doing a civil rights case. but i have to tell you, the former united states attorney who is now the head of the fbi is a savvy, smart former prosecutor, and with him at the helm at the fbi, i have a lot more faith in him than i do eric holder. but let me just ask you one more question. when you talk about this police chief, rod, you've done this for many years. i mean, what do you think of the number of press conferences he had? he says one thing in the morning
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and another thing in the afternoon. i happen to agree that he's got to go. what do you think? >> here's what i think. i don't want to beat this chief up, enough people are doing that. i think the chief was just in over his head. this is a small police department, judge. you know how small police departments are. sometimes they don't have the experience that we have in major cities like washington, d.c. or new york. i think the chief just really needs to retire. they need to rid of him. they need somebody else to take the helm here. and i think that's when the community will start healing itself again, judge. >> you do agree with me, even though you don't want to dump on the chief. rod wheel erk always good to talk to you. >> take care, judge. >> coming up, much more from ferguson, missouri, and my statement on the indictment of governor rick perry you're not going to want to miss that one. and vote in tonight's insta poll and vote in tonight's insta poll what do you think for over a decade,
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the police wars in ferguson, missouri, are criticized across the country for its heavy-handed military tactics. with me now, new york city police commissioner. what's your reaction with the way ferguson police have handled this situation? >> well, i think first of all, the communication between the police department, the public and the press has been pretty dreadful. you know, they make statements that are inaccurate, that put out information that they shouldn't. they have kept dmfgs that they should probably have put out. i think there's a problem there that has to be dealt with. and hopefully the mayor and/or the governor is going to take care of that. >> all right, now, bernie, you were police commissioner of the new york city police department. i mean, i just asked a question of the sheriff in the prior
9:18 pm
block. you've got 53 police officers on the police force in a majority black area. three of those 53 are african-americans. i mean, we wouldn't have gotten away with that. you have to have a particular percentage. how does that happen? >> well, i don't know the hiring practices of ferguson, but you would think over time as the population changed over the last 20 years from what i understand it has, that should have been dealt with. so you should have more minorities within the department. that would be beneficial to the community. it would help in public relations with the community. interaction, especially during times like this. i'm sure that at this point it's going to be looked at. >> all right, now in the background here, we're seeing tear gas. what do you think of the kind of artillery, the equipment that was being used in the midst of these protests? >> well, there's some things that disturb me over the last few days.
9:19 pm
some of the police officers aiming, you know, m-4s or m-16s assault weapons at obviously unarmed people. the cops need riot gear out there. they have to be responsive. they can't let thugs take over the streets. they have to stop the lawle lawlessness and the looting and the deinstruction of personal and private property. they cannot be afraid to do their job. and, you know, i think tonight is going to be a test with this curfew in place. these people get out of hand, they're going to have to do something to stop it. >> all right, commissioner bernie, listen, in the block before, they were saying that last night the police didn't react to some of the looting and, in fact, the store owners are now bringing their friends in with guns to protect their own inventory. what does this tell you? it's almost as though they're not sure how to handle this. >> you know what, judge, i think
9:20 pm
they got bashed for their response over the last few days. they stepped back. we have one night of peace and calm and then i think what happens is people take advantage of that. you have these groups coming from the outside. i saw what appeared to be in my eyes gang members wearing blood colors, red bandannas last night, standing around some of these locations. you can't tolerate that stuff. you want a peaceful demonstration, that's fine. but when these people turn into thugs and they're going to go out there and destroy personal and private property and attack others, it has to be stopped. >> interesting. gang colors. all right, bernie carrick, thanks so much for being with us this evening. and coming up, a justice exclusive. exclusive. the attorney for the friend with maybe traveling for work sounds glamorous,
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>> we're back with our continuing coverage of the state of emergency inform ferguson, missouri. we're back with the attorney of dorian johnson, the man who was with michael brown the day he was killed. good evening. thank you so much for being with us this evening. did your client witness the shooting of michael brown? >> yes, he did, judge. dorian johnson was right there with mike when they had the initial confrontation. they had an exchange with the officer. then they walked past the officer while he was in the car. he backed up again and to confront them again,they had
9:25 pm
another exchange. he attempted to get out of the car, but they were so close up on him he couldn't open the door. he reaches out, grabs mike brown by the throat, and mike is somewhat of a big guy. the officer seemed as if, according to my client, having a difficult time with him. and mike kind of attempting to try to move away. the officer then grabbed him by the shirt and tried to pull him closer to the car, which was even more difficult, i would imagine. mike then continues to have an exchange with the officer. the officer then, according to my client, pulls up the gun and my client can see the gun clearly. he can touch mike brown as well as the officer and the officer tells mike, i'm going to shoot you. and then they had some more words and then all of a sudden he said pow and he shot. he shoots mike at the car. >> is your client saying that michael brown was shot in the chest or in the back? >> well, he was shot in the back
9:26 pm
later. the initial shot is fired from the officer while he's sitting in the car and outside mike is standing at the car. >> freeman, you're going too quickly. hold on. i appreciate your trying to get it all out here. did that first shot hit michael brown? >> yes, it did, according to my client. he's unsure whether it hit him in the head or the arm. >> so you're saying mike then tried to run away and was shot in the back as well. ? >> they both broke away and they ran. the officer's car was in the middle of the street. he hit behind the first kwar. big mike runs by and he says get up, keep running, bro. my client then sees the officer in hot pursuit right behind mike. my client stands up and watches
9:27 pm
as the officer runs back. he sees the officer fire another shot. this one hitting mike in the back. mike turns around with his hands up and this time the officer closes the gap, fires, pow, pow, pow, pow, some more shot's he goes down. >> your client is no the hit, is that correct? >> no, he's not. >> initially the police said your client was involved in that robbery or whatever you want to call it of the cigars or whatever they were. then the police chief contradict himself and says no, your client didn't grab the cigars and he committed no crime. isn't it your client who's saying michael brown had stolen the cigars? >> my client was in the store with mike brown. mike brown reached in and grabbed a box of cigarellos and handed them to my client. he grabbed two others and drops them on the floor.
9:28 pm
my client takes the box and [ no audio ] >> i lost him. all right, sorry, everyone. we lost him. anyway, freeman bosley, thanks so much for being with us. coming up, you're not going to want to miss my statement on the indict
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a famous court of appeals tonight a ham sandwich. now i believe in the rule of law but i'm not going now, i believe in the rule of law, but i'm not going to sugar coat this one. the indictment of texas governor rick perry for abuse of his veto power and coercion of a public servant is pure unadulterated hogwash. it makes das like me cringe in embarrassment. and it's not just me.
9:33 pm
even former obama white house political adviser david axelrod calls the indictment, quote, pretty sketchy. now, i spent my career in the assignment of blame. more than three decades as a prosecutor, prosecutor, a superior court judge and an elected district attorney. i have impanelled grand jury, instructed grand juries and ruled on grand jury actions. nothing about this indictment makes sense. a sitting governor facing 109 years in prison because he threatened to veto funding to a drunk district attorney's public integrity unit? really? no one disputes that the law gives the governor the power to veto funding. period, end of the story. so now every time a governor vetoes funding or legislation, will he or she be subject to an
9:34 pm
investigation? or an indictment because people complained it was political? a little back story here. the d.a. rosemary lenburg is a drunk. yes, she's not just a drunk, she's a convicted drunk driver. she's actually spent time in jail. imagine the chief law enforcement officer is a convict who served jail time. now, i have no sympathy for drunk drivers. they don't have to get behind the wheel of a car, especially a da who certainly had other options. on the night that she chose to drive her lexus, she had an open vodka bottle on the front seat and was weaving in and out of a bicycle lane. i've seen the consequences of driving drunk. innocents slaughtered by
9:35 pm
thousands of pounds of steel because a drunk chose to get behind a wheel of a car. and folk, it's even worse than this. her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. and her behavior, both before and after her arrest, was so outrageous, so threatening, so dlij rant, so combative, the woman had to be strapped down. and this woman actually thinks that she should remain the person who decides who gets indicted and who doesn't? so governor rick perry says that someone like this is not fit to be d.a. or certainly to run the public integrisbeintegrity unite would veto funding for that program. now, da rosemary doesn't like that. along with a watchdog group that files suit annes perry and a special prosecutor is appointed. i created a public integrity unit in my office for the purpose of maintaining the
9:36 pm
integrity of public officials' offices. you may recall the austin county district attorney's office is known for ridiculous prols accusations. evidence, republican governor kay bailey hutchinson indicted three times, acquitted every time. republican congressman tom delay indicted, conviction, immediately overturned. austin county, in case you don't know, is the only democratic county in a completely red state of texas. bigger picture. governor rick perry is frequently mentioned as a 2016 presidential candidate. as of late, his handling of immigration at the texas border has been applauded nationwide. republican governor chris christie also under federal investigation for a traffic jam. and a republican governor scott walker under federal investigation, both of them frequently mentioned as possible
9:37 pm
2016 candidates. like i said, a judge was once famously quoted as saying a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich. apparently they like ham in austin county, texas. and that's my open at the bottom of the hour. and with me now, democratic strategist and fox news contributor joe trippi. good evening, joe. who's behind this? >> gosh, i mean who -- look, if this really is way beyond the pale. i mean, i agree with david axelrod, you and others. i mean, it doesn't make any sense. and frankly, i actually think it helps governor perry. i mean, he's going to be going into places like iowa and new hampshire, sure they're going to hear that he's been indicted by a grand jury, but then when they find out why, and his explanation, i think it's actually -- and particularly in a republican primary, going to help him if he decides to make
9:38 pm
the run. so it's just not -- i mean, it's just -- you know, it just -- it does wreak of politics all the way around. >> but you know, joe, i have to tell you. it may help and you get people saying this is absurd, but there are those who understand, as i do, that this is a long process. he's going to be arraigned and printed and mugged and they're going to have adjournments and it's going to be set for trial. he's going to be preoccupied with this unless some judge has the strength to recognize that this is not the kind of thing for which you indict someone. every governor in every state in this country would be indicted if that were the standard. >> no, and every president. i mean, you can't -- the standard is you don't agree with the veto, and so you're going to indict the guy, that's going to happen, you know, in states all over the country. i used to remember, call my old fashioned, be uh if you didn't agree with a governor's veto, you overrode it. you actually went back into the legislation chur and got the veets to override the governor's
9:39 pm
veto. the fact they couldn't would seem to me the legislature agreed or didn't have the votes to put that together. that's usually the end of it this is taking it -- to get the stories that a future presidential potential candidate has been indicted by a grand jury. and like you said, we all know this, that sounds to a lot of lay people sounds horrifying that a governor has been indicted. but as you pointed out, ham sandwich. >> this is interesting, joe. you got this woman who refuses to step down. her behavior, i don't know if anybody has seen what she did when she was arrested. it is an outrageous what she did when she was arrested. threatening people, kicking doors. you know, combative. all kinds of things. but you know, for her to draw attention to herself, all right, that look, you know, i'm a drunk and i had an open bottle of vodka and by the way, it was calls to 911 that got the police to stop her.
9:40 pm
you know, it seems that at the end of the day, you have to say to yourself, there has to be something in this for her at the end for her to be so aggressive on this thing. you know, it makes no sense. >> well, i mean, first of all, she didn't step down and she's still in office and she looks like she plans on staying there. i mean, i think a lot of us would have resigned had that been -- had that been us in that situation. i don't quite get this, other than it's clearly political and i think it's clearly designed to embarrass the governor. i would be amazed if it did go to trial and he was -- you know, and he actually was found guilty and served 99 years. i just think that would be, you know, kra i si. it's not going to happen. 10 this is about the stories and -- >> before we go to break, joe. go ahead. finish up. >> this is about the stories
9:41 pm
that are out there now and to embarrass him. >> kay bailey hutchinson was not the governor, she was senator. clearly. thanks so much. the world is falling huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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>> with me now, syndicated columnist and author ott a new york times best seller "things that matter" charles
9:45 pm
krauthammer. i want to start with foreign poll spip given what's gone on in iraq, you have said that president obama really doesn't have an identifiable foreign policy. and i think most americans would agree with you. but this is the united states of america. and i want to ask, why do you think that is? is it because of incompetence? i mean, this is the president of the united states. is it not caring? or is it an intentional decision by the president to reduce america's importance on the world stage? >> i think it starts with the latter. it does start with that. i think obama made that very clear from the beginning when he did his confession tour. around the world. when he talked about america, it seems overreaching. iraq, torture, everything. from the maltreatment of the indians to hiroshima, his catalog was long. america had overteped, it lost
9:46 pm
its moral authority, if it ever had it, to lead the world. i think he sees america more properly as diminished in its role in the world. now you add on to that the fact that he's really an amateur at foreign policy. he's never done this. and i think he's aware of the fact that he was very unsure. and as a result, he chose the path of least resistance and of least action just about everywhere. i mean, when you look around the world, ukraine, syria, you know, the red line that he flinched from. you go to all the places in the world, south china sea, our allies are looking around and saying where is the united states that we could count on? and our enemies are saying looks like america has checked out. for eight years. now is the time to move. >> this whole thing started with religion and the intolerance. and i want to kind of move to the hamas/israeli conflict. and what's going on is very
9:47 pm
different in terms of european reaction and american reaction. on the one hand you believe that what's gone on in europe is indicative of an anti-semitic continent that has it out for jute -- jews, yaz in the unite states it's more pro hamas. >> well, it's not a feeling. it's a fair description of what's happening in london, berlin of all places. crowds chanting death to the jews, hitler was right. that's pretty anti-semitic. it's very clear what's happening in these huge demonstrations in europe. this intense animous is a resurgence, a recurrence of anti-semitism which had been after the holocaust for half a century, unfashionable. you weren't supposed to be. after what the nazis did. we have a new generation now. and anti-semitism is back in
9:48 pm
vogue. you see it on the streets. in america, i think it's rather different. we don't have a tradition of anti-semitism. this has been the most welcoming country to the jewish people in the history of the jews, and i think most of it is largely ignorance. people don't know the origin of the conflict. they don't know what hamas intends or what hamas is or what hamas' tactics are. they see a picture or two on television. their hearts are broken,er as every heart should be when they see a dead child. they have no context and they end up saying well, it must be the israeli aggressors. that's a far more benign reaction. almost a far more minority reaction here than it is the anti-israel, anti-semitic wave sweeping europe. >> all right, i'm going to move now to hillary clinton. we all know that politicians move right or left depending on the person that they're running against. but most of hillary clinton's
9:49 pm
moves seem to be orchestrated and deliberate. you can tell there's been a lot of consideration behind them. but now what we're seeing is not just a break with the president obama, but when she's on her own, it seems she does stupid stuff herself, to quote her assessment of president obama's foreign policy. and if you think about it, charles, when she says, you know, what difference does it make? or when she says we were dead broke when we left the white house. or boka haram is not a terrorist organization. or her role in that terrible benghazi video. what do you think is the real hillary? >> i think there's a vast overestimation in the political glass, and some of it among democrats of hillary's political skills. she is nothing like her husband, who is probably the most skilled politician of the last 40 years since ronald reagan.
9:50 pm
there's been no one like him. i think she makes mistakes. she's very unsure of herself. i think she thinks well, but i don't think she is -- i think she's unable -- billy wilder, the director once said, you've got sincere in the movies. if you can fake that, you've got everything. she can't fake it. she can't fake authenticity. your husband he bites his lip and gets away with it. people know. people can see the wheels moving and turning in her head when she says hello or the sunrises in the east. she's not an instinctive politician. she has a great resume and great popularity but democrats who think she is going to sweep into the white house are make a mistake. >> it's great to have you on the show. and a great summer read, "things
9:51 pm
that matter" it's a great book. >> thank you very much. pleasure. and coming up, an update from ferguson, missouri and what do you think of texas governor rick perry being indicted. what can i do with my $7 a month android plan from tracfone? email the school. call the doctor. text the groomer. find gear for soccer. send invites to a party. post karate pics. help sean with history. battle of hastings: 1066. all that with my android from tracfone for as low as $7 a month. [ male announcer ] unbeatable nationwide coverage, no contract. for a limited time, save $50 on the samsung galaxy centura. now just $79.99. tracfone. do everything for less. scheck it out.? now just $79.99. i just saved 15% on car insurance in 15 minutes, so i took a selfie to show everyone how happy i am. really? because esurance saved me money in half that time.
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9:55 pm
people off to the fringes. it didn't end this night. they're out here with the lightning in the background. i also want to show you something, here are the police officers, they are not interacting and trying to get out of the rain. that is the ferguson market and liquor where the original robbery of the cigars took place. >> one of the things, mike, that one of our guests told us earlier that the red bandanas are indicative of gang activity. have you heard anything about that? >> i have seen the red bandanas and people with their faces covered up. a lot of times they are hanging off on the fringes on either side and not a part of the protest but waiting for their moment to take advantage of this opportunity. >> and are the store owners, mike, any more confident that the police will protect them, which apparently is the biggest
9:56 pm
complaint from last night and protect their inventory? >> it's a tough call. by and large it looks like the store owners have boarded up and gotten out, particularly those that have been hit once. >> thanks for being with us. >> you got it. and now for the results of our poll. what do you think of texas governor rick perry being indicted. bizarre you can indict a man to exercise his authority to veto. jackie said he is trying to protect the border and a witchell hunt is set up against him. and gregory says why hasn't the president been indicted? doug says this is politics at the lowest level. frivlous, sick. and valerie says if anyone should be indicted it's eric holder, obama and lois learner. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us.
9:57 pm
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10:00 pm
good evening everyone. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to our "kelly file" special on bill, a man who admits to bombing this country repeatedly. the state department, the pentagon, the u.s. capital among other crimes during the 1970s. and he got away scot free. because this is america he wound up as a college professor who even helped a president launch his political career. over the years he managed to redefine himself not as a domestic terrorist but as a revolutionary, a kid who merely vandalized, not one who inspired murder. he is a man who took chances with other people's lives. and took every chance to